Nadia Hitman | JoyTunes

VP Brand Marketing

Professional experience:
With over 15 years experience in high-growth tech startups and international household companies, I like to build profitable, enduring brands that impact millions of consumers worldwide. My DNA is to combine user insights with data to devise winning marketing strategies, branding and messaging that drives action, growth and differentiated positioning. Passionate about understanding users to address the pain point, creating the right story, smart targeting and delivering results. I build teams that deliver fast with high performance by being growth driven, creative and a positive motivator.
On a personal note:
I love what I do so my passion is what I get to call my work. I believe in meaningful products that provide a direct consumer need, scaling them from Israel. As somebody who made Aliyah, I also love to pay it forward by mentoring Olim in marketing.
Great marketing for me is:
When it doesn’t feel like marketing because you understand how to provide real value by knowing your audience well, mixed with data to offer a meaningful experience to directly influence the business.