G-CMO Pays it Forward to Next Generation
Partnering with Leading Business Schools

In 2019, G-CMO launched G-CMO x Academy, an initiative focusing on the education of Israel’s next generation marketeers. By partnering with the country’s leading academic institutions, our goal is to provide future marketing leaders with a unique learning opportunity. The direct access to our members, global CMOs, provides students with actionable insights from real-life case studies, in addition to theoretical schemes. 

G-CMO x Academy: School of Thought and Practice

Our first venture was with the School of Business Administration at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (HUJI) in the 2019/2020 academic year.
8 G-CMO members, together with faculty member and professor of marketing, Dr. Renana Peres, created a seminar course for MBA students titled Best Practices of Global CMOs. During two semesters, not only did our CMOs share their experience with the students, they also mentored them in small working groups. 



The G-CMO members who led the seminar are:

  1. Johnathan (Yoni) Heilbron, Managing Partner at Zion Ventures: How to build a brand that will sell for half a billion dollars
  2. Efrat Fenigson, VP Marketing at Mindspace: Personal branding and building a community
  3. Uri Bar-Joseph, Co-founder and COO at Formations: How to build differentiation in a wework dominated world
  4. Jonathan Kaftzan, VP Marketing at Deep Instinct: Brand awareness, demand generation and lead generation
  5. Alon Brenner, Owner at Practical Strategy: Content that makes an impact –  how do we create demand with optimization techniques?
  6. Nir Pochter, Co-founder and CMO at Lightricks: Customer Lifetime Value and advertising in subscription services
  7. Yael Shatzky, CMO and Israel COO at Seegnal
  8. Karin Schifter-Maor, CMO at SodaStream



Class is Back in Session

After the success of our first partnership, we expanded our initiative for the academic year of 2020/2021. Collaborating with the Arison School of Business at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC), our MBA course titled Marketing in Times of Crisis: Global Marketers’ Perspectives features 12 members revealing their marketing secret sauce.



  1. Focusing on growth and scale during a recession
  2. In times of uncertainty and budget cutting, product marketing steps up
  3. COVID-19: growth opportunities for brands
  4. Content as a way to build a brand during crisis
  5. How to adjust your employer branding in the new normal
  6. Virtual events are here to stay


Hittin’ the Books

For 2020/2021, we created a new course as part of the MBA curriculum offering of the HUJI business school. Digital Marketing Best Practices from Global Marketers brings together 13 of our members sharing tactics and best practices that can be used on a global scale.



  1. A glimpse into digital marketing
  2. Customer. Brand. Product. Tools. Juggling your way In digital marketing. 
  3. Transforming from traditional marketing to digital marketing – the Netafim case study
  4. The impact of digital transformation on the new normal business world
  5. Customer-led journeys – how to scale B2C CRM 
  6. Key elements for effective content marketing strategy 
  7. Content marketing for B2B: if you’re bullshitting everyone will notice
  8. How to achieve sustainable growth- learning from the best
  9. Lead corporate goals with marketing-led growth
  10. 1,000 marketing managers working for you – force multipliers of the reseller channel
  11. How short-term profit vs. long-term market leadership affects channel marketing?
  12. Social media – how to build word-of-mouth  and advocacy
  13. How to lead a branding process and stay alive


Stay tuned for more updates on G-CMO x Academy and make sure you follow us on social media for ongoing news!