Sophie Melnik

Sophie Melnik


Global Head of Brand and Strategy Taboola, Co-founder G-CMO and a Cancer Survivor

Professional experience:

I’m a highly accomplished global marketing executive with a proven record of achievements for global companies.

My track record of effectively leading marketing teams, defining companies’ visions and strategies. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, creativity, and growth in complex global and diverse B2B and B2C environments.

My previous positions included leading International Marketing at Outbrain, and as VP Strategy at Global Advertising Firms.

I hold an MBA from HEC , Paris

On a personal note:

I’m Guy’s life partner and a proud mom of 3 teenage girls, trying to teach them to follow their hearts, dream big and dare to fail.

I’m passionate about Fashion, Rock Concerts and Chardonnay:)

What is great marketing for me – in 1 sentence:

Marketing is all about making brands stand out and, ultimately, turn into a legacy.