Talya Benyamini | 888 Holdings

VP Marketing

Professional experience:
Seasoned marketer, one that connects the dots between online and offline, brand and performance, B2B and B2C. Over 15 years of experience driving startups and mature products into competitive positions and sustainable growth. Results-driven, passionate leader with a solid, successful track record. I thrive with big challenges and anything between people and technology. Currently the VP Marketing at 888 Holdings, I’ve held positions at companies such as LivePerson, Conduit and Microsoft.
On a personal note:
I live in Giv’at Shmuel. A mother of 3 boys. An athlete who is also addicted to great food. Recently I combined the two as a food blogger. Although there is a butterfly called after me, I’m pretty sure I was a Puma in a past life.
Great marketing for me is:
The art (and magic) of creating such a strong customer preference that it doesn’t feel like marketing at all. Perception is reality.