Sharon Erde | Pitango

Director of Marketing Communications

Professional experience:
As a marketer in the VC world, my playground is versatile and sometimes unusual. It allows me to work with some of Startup Nation’s most brilliant minds, as they thrive to disrupt the future. I’m passionate about entrepreneurship, creativity, messaging communications and visual aesthetics. Before joining the Hitech world, I worked as a Media professional at one of Israel’s leading PR firms. Before that I was a Civil Servant and worked for the Israeli Government. An extraordinary opportunity to have been in the heart of decision making processes and lead change. I might have left politics as a job, but I still got the political bug instilled in me. In other words, I care a lot about current affairs in Israel and beyond.
On a personal note:
I’m Ariel’s proud mom, juggling life as single mom with a busy career. I try to teach him to be a good hearted human being in this complexed world and to follow his heart, from a tender age. I’m passionate about photography, though I snap only with my iPhone, about food, wine and unpeated Whiskey. A fine meal with fab drinks and a flowing conversation guarantees a smile on my face 😊
Great marketing for me is:
to me is how people feel about your product, then what they think about it. It’s a matrix that’s ever evolving, being crafted and masterminded and the reason why the greatest Marketers I know are also pretty special human beings.