Sharon Argov | CYE


Professional experience:
An accomplished global marketing executive with 15 years of experience at fast-growing hi-tech B2B & B2C companies. A fearless entrepreneur who likes building, innovating, the unknown, and stepping out of my comfort zone. Expert in assembling global high-performing teams. An active mentor at Seedcamp, Barclays Accelerator, and WFF. I’m positive, optimistic, analytical and a growth-minded person.
On a personal note:
My motto is: live and work with a real “growth mindset”. Assume you know nothing and start from there, by constantly challenging, testing, and trying new things. It will ensure your path to development and improvement, but this mentality will also drive you to surround yourself with great and empowered people. Enjoy the journey.
Great marketing for me is:
Data, Data, Data! Working with data-driven decision processes will result in outstanding, unexpected, crazy stuff.