Nilly Assia | MDgo


Professional experience:
I’m a visionary and passionate SaaS CMO with 19 years of experience in the marketing space. Prior to serving as CMO at MDgo, I served as the CMO at an established cybersecurity company, Portnox. Before that, I was the Senior Marketing Director at Gemalto (formerly SafeNet) and the Product Marketing Team Lead for the USB division at SanDisk. I have a knack for building energetic marketing teams, and creating strategic, out-of-the-box marketing programs that aim to optimize marketing’s direct impact on business. I hold a B.A. in Communications and Business Studies from the College of Management and an MBA in Strategic Marketing and Branding from London Metropolitan University.
On a personal note:
I’m a mother of four – two girls and two boys (I definitely feel blessed!). Married to Ronen whom I’ve known since kindergarten. I’m passionate about writing and am addicted to detective novels. In February 2019, I published my first detective novel, and I’m proud that it became a national bestseller in Israel. I also love fashion and music (especially rock concerts where for two hours I get to feel sixteen again).
Great marketing for me is:
Telling the right story that aligns the company’s value and the customer’s immediate needs. It makes you think, “why hasn’t anyone made that connection before?”