Muli Lahav | HomeBiogas

VP Marketing

Professional experience:
For the last 4 years I’ve been working with HomeBiogas, helping to make the world a bit more sustainable while building a global brand and a business infrastructure to support our presence worldwide. Prior to HomeBIogas, I held a number of marketing/business positions in companies like Google, Walla, and Media Mind. Along the way, I also owned a boutique digital agency that focused on innovative technology using creative solutions.
On a personal note:
If I wasn’t a marketer living in Israel, I could see myself living in Paris working as a creative director or a woodworker. On the cusp of the internet boom, I moved back to Israel to be a pioneer in the industry. And, when Google was established, I took the opportunity to join as one of the first five employees. Later on, I found myself at a cleantech company changing the lives of people around the globe. Who said work isn’t fun?!
Great marketing for me is:
When the right balance of insight, creativity, and technology intersect.