Laura Keren | Playtika

VP Marketing- Brand & Strategy

Professional experience:
An executive with 15 years’ experience as a marketer and business unit manager. Passionate about anything and everything B2C, which has been the focus of my entire career. Previously worked at companies such as Yes and Unilever. I’m currently VP Marketing at Playtika, a digital entertainment company specializing in the free to play mobile games with over 30 million monthly active users. I hold a B.A. in Business Management and Communication from the Hebrew University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Proven track record in market development, launching new brands and leading award-winning campaigns (recipient of a “Grand Effie” for the most effective campaign of 2015). Possess in-depth knowledge of marketing communications, market & consumer research, PR as well as online and offline media. As a manager I pride myself with cultivating managers on my teams, mentoring them on both a professional and managerial aspect.
On a personal note:
Add a little confetti to every day.
Great marketing for me is:
Inspirational and makes people think or act differently.