Itzik Yarkoni | Powtoon

VP Marketing

Professional experience:
From Sderot to LA – Innovative and creative leader with 12+ years marketing experience and building strategies in B2B and B2C high tech and start-up, with 8 years in management position & business strategist. Data-driven and love to lead complex projects and help expand product global brand, accelerate demand for it and continue to drive revenue growth. Ability to lead and execute complex projects at both strategic and operational levels, while still focusing on main business challenges with exceptional people management and business development skills. Expert in product branding, positioning, narrative and story creation .A two-time startup founder ( & ), and the author of Pass the Chutzpah Please: An Israeli Outlook on Bold Business and Branding. As a former teacher and lecturer at Bar Ilan University and Sapir collegeI, I have always had a passion to teach, train and meet new people.
On a personal note:
At the core, I’m just a typical Israeli guy. I like hummus. I like spending time with my family. I like the beach (trying to learn how to surf 🏄), love reading about history and Judaism. If I’m not at the beach, you can find my meditating or in some sort of yoga pose.
Great marketing for me is:
Tell a simple, but memorable, story in the right place and the right time.