Alon Brenner | Practical Strategy for the Digital Age


Professional experience:
I’ve been practicing strategy for the past 20 years. As a strategy expert (VP Strategy for McCann), as a CEO (K Logic, a leading digital marketing agency) and a CMO (Natural Intelligence). I Bring a macro/micro orientation with expertise in the digital sphere. I believe that strategy should not only be built top-down but also bottom-up. You can’t build a strategy and understand the big picture without diving into the granular tactics. My passion is to go deep and identify a clear direction through the clatter. When the path and KPIs for success are clear, people & organizations grow and achieve success. My expertise is strategic consulting with a practical attitude & deep understanding of the digital sphere.
On a personal note:
I love what I do, but I love my kids even more.
Great marketing for me is:
Connecting great products with real consumers’ needs.